InsulTech Attains Nadcap Welding Accreditation in Yuma Plant

Supporting its vision of developing an advanced metal foil insulation blanket manufacturing in Yuma, Arizona, InsulTech is pleased to announce that it has attained Nadcap AC7110 accreditation for welding. The National Aerospace and Defense Contractors Accreditation Program (Nadcap) is seen as the foremost standard for special processes in the aerospace and defense industries. It requires precise controls, conformity assessments, planning and documentation. It is validated by rigorous internal and 3rd party auditing. InsulTech is the first company in Southwestern Arizona to attain this accreditation for welding.

“InsulTech remains committed to building a world class aerospace and defense manufacturing site in Yuma, Arizona,” said Ryan Barto, InsulTech Yuma’s General Manager. “Our team continues to push this operation to new heights.”

Over the past two years, InsulTech has made significant investments at its Yuma site, including the ground-up construction of its dedicated foil products fabrication facility, large purchases of cutting edge equipment, and ongoing hires from the local community.

“Nadcap certification is a key factor in eligibility for many critical national security programs,” noted Sean Deshler, InsulTech’s Aerospace Director. “It opens the door for InsulTech to bring more scope into the Yuma site, and it is now well-positioned to compete domestically and internationally.”

InsulTech provides custom thermal and acoustic insulation products supported by range of engineering, analysis, prototyping and field services. Insultech’s products improve safety, attenuate sound and increase thermal efficiency across a range of industries, including energy, transportation, aerospace and defense.

InsulTech Completes Yuma Plant Expansion

InsulTech is please to announce the completion of its expansion at its plant in Yuma, Arizona, effectively doubling manufacturing space at the site. This 2nd building will be dedicated to the production of foil encapsulated insulation blankets for industrial, transportation and aerospace applications.

This expansion adds an additional 30,000 SF of manufacturing space in a separate building, allowing for segregation of processes, improvement of quality, increased flexibility and a significant increase and output.

This facility is scheduled to be AS9100D:2016 / ISO9001:2015 certified in August 2020.

“This expansion would not have been possible without the support of the City of Yuma and the State of Arizona,” said Ryan Barto, General Manager of InsulTech, “we are proud members of the Yuma business community and we look forward to continued success here.”


InsulTech Wins Award for Excellence in Innovation

On October 3, the Arizona Manufacturers Council (AMC) honored InsulTech with the Excellence in Innovation award as part of the 2019 Arizona Manufacturing Summit. The event featured featured keynote speakers and concluded with an awards ceremony honoring standout leaders in manufacturing.

The event was held at the Arizona Biltmore Hotel, in Phoenix and was attended by leaders in Arizona business and government, including executives from Raytheon, Nikola Manufacturing, Arizona state and city officials and representatives of the US Dept of Commerce.

Insultech is proud to be part of the Arizona business community and we are especially honored to be the first company from Yuma to be recognized in this way.

Insultech has been operating in Yuma for over 10 years. Over the past 5 years, InsulTech has invested heavily in expanding its Yuma operations and currently employs nearly 150 people in the region. Currently under construction is a second plant that will double capacity.

Insultech named 2019 Arizona Manufacturer of the Year Finalist

The Arizona Manufacturers Council selected Insultech as a Finalist for Manufacturer of the Year in the Excellence in Innovation category.

This marks a key milestone in Insultech’s continued investment and expansion of its Yuma, Arizona plant.  Since making the decision to expand operations in Yuma, Insultech has benefitted from strong support from the Arizona Commerce Authority, as well as numerous other state, regional and local organizations.

Insultech is the first company from Yuma to ever be nominated for this award. We are proud to be a part of the Yuma, Arizona community and we look forward to continued growth and success in the region.

The Manufacturer of the Year winners will be announced at the annual Arizona Manufacturing Summit held in Phoenix, Arizona on October 3rd 2019 at the Arizona Biltmore Hotel. For more information, or to register for the event, click here.

Insultech Expands Foil Insulation Fabrication Capacity in Yuma Plant

In response to growing market demand, Insultech has continued to invest in expanding production capacity in its metal foil encapsulated insulation product lines. This initiative includes new corrugation machinery, state of the art cutting machinery, presses and welding equipment.

The Yuma site offers a favorable business cost environment, and excellent labor pool, and a supportive community. We are actively recruiting experienced fabrication and assembly personnel to support this growth initiative.

Insultech is “Open For Business” in Yuma

Insultech was invited by the office of Yuma’s mayor, Douglas Nichols to attend its Open for Business event.

Since making the decision to expand operations in Yuma and make that plant a primary manufacturing location, Insultech has enjoyed a tremendous level of support from the Yuma community and numerous local, regional and state level organizations. Insultech currently has over 100 employees in Yuma and is continuing to invest and grow in the region due to its business friendliness. Throughout our development and expansion process, Yuma city officials have shown a willingness to collaborate to achieve the most favorable outcome for all. Additionally, the cost of doing business and labor pool has been favorable when compared with other areas.

We are proud to be a part of the Yuma community and look forward to continued growth and success.

Insultech attends FAMEX 2019

With the support of the Arizona Commerce Authority, the Insultech team attended FAMEX 2019 .

Also known as the Mexican Aerospace Fair, FAMEX is sponsored by the Secretariat of National Defense through the Mexican Air Force.

This year, the event was held at the Santa Lucia Air Force Base near Mexico City.

The goal of this event is to bring together  leaders of the civil and military aviation, defense and security sectors to promote trade and the growth of the national aerospace industry in the region.

Additionally, the event includes academic conferences to promote the training of personnel working in the field of aeronautics and space.

As part of the Arizona delegation, Insultech received excellent support from the Arizona team as well as the FAMEX support staff.

FAMEX 2020 will be hosted in Queretaro.

Insultech earns NADCAP Aerospace Quality Management System Certification

Insultech is pleased to announce the successful completion of National Aerospace and Defense Contractors Accreditation Program (NADCAP) AC7004 Rev F. This Aerospace Quality Management System certification. This is an additional certification above and beyond our existing NADCAP AC7110 Certification for Welding.

The Performance Review Institute (PRI) created the NADCAP Aerospace Quality System AC7004 as a way to apply the controls and process-focus of AS/EN 9100 in a way that is more relevant and appropriate to smaller organizations with less QMS infrastructure and fewer layers of management.

All AC7004 accredited facilities must pass a rigorous quality examination by PRI and be able to produce high quality parts and control their processes to the same level as required by AS9100 / EN9100. However,  AC7004 offers more flexibility in terms of how that is accomplished.

Technology Spotlight: Aerogel Insulation

Synthetic, porous  material derived from a gel, in which the liquid component of the gel has been replaced with a gas, Aerogels are the world’s lightest solid materials, composed of up to 97% air by volume.

Transparent superinsulating silica aerogels exhibit the lowest thermal conductivity of any solid known. The solids in silica aerogels consist of very small, three-dimensional, intertwined clusters that comprise only 3% of the volume. Conduction through the solid is therefore very low. The remaining 97% of the volume of aerogels is composed of air in extremely small nanopores. The air has little room to move, inhibiting both convection and gas-phase conduction.

These properties account for the incredible effectiveness of aerogels as having an extremely low thermal conductivity: from 0.03 W/(m·K) in atmospheric pressure down to 0.004 W/(m·K) in modest vacuum, which correspond to R-values of 14 to 105 (US customary) or 3.0 to 22.2 (metric) for 3.5 in (89 mm) thickness.

For many years, aerogels had been relegated the lab curiosity status and used only in the highly specialized applications. For example, NASA used an aerogel to trap space dust particles aboard the Stardust spacecraft. The particles vaporize on impact with solids and pass through gases, but can be trapped in aerogels. NASA also used aerogel for thermal insulation of the Mars Rover and space suits.

Despite their unique properties, the commercial applications of aerogels were limited. However, over the last two decades, Aspen, the company that initially developed the flexible aerogel blanket insulation used in NASAs space suits, led the way in commercializing silica aerogel blanket material for broader thermal insulation applications.  By 2004, aerogel materials were being used in products selected for use by the Special Forces of the US Military, and the Canadian Ski Team. Shortly thereafter, aerogel insulation blanket materials aimed at industrial, energy, cryogenic and subsea applications appeared on the market.

In 2004, about US$25 million of aerogel insulation products were sold globally. Since then the market has grown substantially to approximately US$500 million today. Continued growth is expected as the potential to replace conventional insulation with aerogel solutions in the building and industrial insulation sectors is significant.

InsulTech is constantly monitoring developments in materials science and recognized early the potential of aerogels. InsulTech has developed engineering and manufacturing capabilities to utilize aerogel materials in thermal insulation blankets for industrial, energy, marine and aerospace applications.