Insultech is a leader in manufacturing fabric, metal foil and sheet metal insulation for exhaust systems and components. Areas of specialty include exhaust collectors, manifolds, SCRs, silencers and exhaust stacks. Our expert design team can develop solutions to fit around bends, transitions, flexes, expansion joints and nearly any conceivable exhaust configuration. Typical exhaust insulation solutions include custom blankets and exhaust wraps, and we are capable of employing cutting edge materials technologies, including AeroGels.

  • Insulation of exhaust systems provides significant acoustic and thermal benefits.
  • Insultech utilizes high insertion-loss materials that attenuate the maximum amount of sound power/pressure.
  • We are capable of manufacturing NEC Class 1, Div1/2 and ATEX Zone 1/2 compliant exhaust treatments that are gas-tight and reduce shell temperatures to well below gas auto ignition temperatures.
  • Our insulation products are designed and tested to the highest standards and can be designed to perform in temperatures up to 2000ºF (1100ºC).