Insultech manufactures removable Insulation Blankets for a variety engine compartment applications. Insulation Blankets are specially designed to fit around manifolds, turbochargers, elbows, pipe sections, flexes and fittings. We also provide liners that act as heat barriers and attenuate sound for the engine compartment. Our engineering staff are experts in gas and diesel engine compartments and design custom solutions, tailored to your unique needs. Furthermore, we have modeling, and prototyping capabilities to prove-out innovative solutions.

  • Manufacturers of on-highway vehicles utilize Insulation Blankets to ensure emissions targets are met. Insulating the exhaust piping and catalyst ensures that high exhaust temperatures are maintained, so that the catalyst performs optimally and government-mandated pollution targets are met.
  • Insulation Blankets shield cabin interiors from ambient heat generated by exhaust piping, especially a concern for coaches and RVs.
  • Insulation also prevents nearby heat-sensitive cables and components from malfunctioning due to exposure to high exhaust heat.