Insultech provides removable, reusable Blanket Insulation and Acoustic Insulation Panels for sound attenuation. Our acoustic blankets and panels are custom designed for your specific sound issue and are available in a variety of configurations to meet the unique requirements of your plant and personnel. InsulTech offers fabric, foam, fiberglass and sheet metal insulation solutions that achieve the insertion losses necessary for any soundproofing or noise control application.

  • Our blankets are custom fit allowing versatility in equipment coverage. Virtually any irregular surface can be insulated and multi-piece designs are typical for most equipment applications.
  • Insultech Acoustic Blankets are made from superior quality materials by expert craftsmen. We can supply a wide variety of insulation and coating materials to ensure robust performance and long life.
  • Insultech’s flexible manufacturing capabilities allow us to manufacture Custom Acoustic Panels capable of Soundproofing in a wide array of applications.
  • Our Acoustic Insulation Solutions can be removable and reusable. Blanket pieces can be installed with minimal effort and they feature a stainless steel fastening system.