Project Spotlight: Dorad Power Station, Israel

Israeli Combined Cycle to Power Project

The Dorad power station is a power station in Ashkelon, Israel. It is a combined cycle power station powered by natural gas. Dorad is the second largest independent power station in the country. It can generate up to a total of 840 megawatts of electricity, which is sold to the IEC and to large industrial/institutional customers through the IEC’s distribution grid.

2nd Largest Power Station in Israel

The plant features twelve General Electric LM6000-PC Sprint 48MW gas turbines arranged in two blocks of six turbines each, with each block connected to a 140MW combined cycle steam turbine manufactured by Škoda Power. The gas turbines’ operation will be enhanced through the injection of ultra-purified water supplied from the adjacent Ashkelon desalinization plant, one of the largest of its kind in the world. InsulTech is proud to have provided thermal insulation blanket kits for all gas turbine packages at this site.