Project Spotlight: Bis Enerji Bursa Plant, Turkey

Turkish Power Plant Expansion

Bis Enerji’s expanded its plant in Bursa, a heavily industrialized city in northwest Turkey and center of the country’s automotive industry, by adding a 48-megawatt (MW) LM6000-PC Sprint aeroderivative gas turbine  already features and associated steam generator. The expansion increased the cogeneration plant’s installed capacity from 410 MW to 495 MW, or enough to power approximately 200,000 more Turkish households.

One of the Largest Power Generation Plants in Turkey

In addition to the expansion, the plant also  has six GE aeroderivative gas turbines, one GE 6B heavy-duty gas turbine and two GE steam turbines, with all gas turbines fueled by natural gas. InsulTech is proud to have supported this expansion by providing thermal and acoustic insulation for the latest phase.