Metal Foil Insulation Blankets

The weld-sealed T-3000 is abrasion resistant and designed to be environmentally impervious to the elements such as the salt roads traversed by motor coaches and other on-highway vehicles. It also resists vibration, holds up to pressure washing, and can withstand flammable liquids. In-house tooling is available and the blanket portion is removable from the stainless steel encapsulation.


  • Metal Foil Insulation Blankets encapsulate insulation material between stainless steel or inconel metal foil skins.
  • Use of high durability materials to maximize performance over total lifecycle. 
  • Metal Foil Insulation blankets are capable of direct exposure to flames without risk of burning or permanently deforming.
  • Metal foil insulation is easy to maintain, and various cleaning methods, including solvent and steam cleaning, are acceptable and will not cause degradation.