Project Spotlight: Offshore Construction Vessel, Norway

Norwegian-built offshore construction vehicle

Kleven Shipyard in Norway is currently building a large offshore construction vessel, specifically designed and built for the Greater North Sea conditions. The propulsion system is comprised of two MaK 8 M32 E generating sets with a power output of 4,400 kW each, 2x MaK 6 M32 E at 3, 300 kW each and two MaK 6 M20 C at 1,140 kW each. The new M 32 E engine solutions boast an increased power rating of 550 kW per cylinder @ 720 and 750 rpm and with total output ranging from 3,300 kW for the six cylinder configuration to 4,950 kW for the nine cylinder configuration.

Powered by Caterpillar MaK™ engines

The OCV features Caterpillar designed variable speed electric generator sets integrated into a floating frequency electric drive system. A Cat® C18 emergency generator with a capacity of 425 kW is also inte­grated into the vessel’s machinery. Offering both 720 and 750 rpm the higher power output is ideal for diesel electric propulsion and auxiliary power applications complementing the multi-engine concepts which are typical for the offshore market. InsulTech is proud to have supported this product by providing thermal and acoustic insulation materials used in power generating equipment installed on this vessel.